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Here at Green Planet, we’re passionate about coffee and everything that goes with it. Our coffee brings people together – and our Wi-Fi service helps keep them connected. Green Planet has developed a devoted following, and for good reason. Freshness is our passion and your satisfaction is our reward. We believe that exceptional-tasting coffee is the result of collaboration, invention and even a little alchemy. We work with our partners from bean to brew to create an outstanding coffee that few can duplicate. All of our coffees and espresso are 100% Organic Fair-trade and are available by the pound.

We believe that a great cup of coffee should never be compromised. As wines are to grapes; coffee is to beans. Settling for weak or bitter coffee is like settling for the map instead of the territory. Coffee is one of “Life’s Daily Celebrations” enjoy it with the quality that you expect. Here at Green Planet we guarantee that our Coffee is made fresh, served hot, tastes bold and clean without a bitter ending and most importantly delivered with a Latte’ Love! Come see us and experience what many are talking about.

Our signature coffee is grown and harvested by the indigenous “Tzutujil” men and women located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Famous for its picturesque volcanoes the Guatemalan Highlands produce some of the finest and most distinctive coffees in the world. The La Voz’s Arabica plantations are located at altitudes of 4500 to 5000 feet and the coffee plants are grown and cultivated without pesticides under the rich temporal canopy of the natural forest.

Kobrick’s Coffee Company located in Jersey City is our Coffee roaster. Kobrick’s has been seeking out and craft roasting the finest coffees in the world since the 1920’s. All of our coffees and espresso are roasted to our specifications and delivered fresh every week. Together our partnership with Kobricks is mirrored as one of our greatest assets.


We believe in minimizing our impact on the planet. We buy only organic coffee and we place a high value on our producer-partners’ land stewardship by insisting on FairTrade certification on all of our coffees. In our own operations, we strive to be as efficient and earth-friendly as possible.


We believe that organizations function best when they reflect more than one person or identity — much like coffee tastes best when it contains a complex array of flavors. We encourage all our employees to contribute their unique voices and styles to our operation, and we foster a workplace that is diverse, positive, respectful, and participatory.

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