Green Planet's Manifesto: The things we hold to be true.

We believe that the universe began about 15 billion years ago in almost absolute simplicity and it's been getting
more complex ever since. This evolution of movement from the simple to the complex is built into the web and
weave of the universe, and it's called the tendency toward complexity. We're the products of this complexification,
this evolutionary process of growth. The final or ultimate complexity - the place where all this complexity is going -
is what or who, we might call God. And anything that promotes, enhances or accelerates this movement towards
God is good. Anything that inhibits, impedes or prevents it is evil. And if you want to know if anything is good or evil
- something like war and killing, stealing and dishonesty - then we ask the questions: What if everyone did this
thing? Would that help us, in this bit of the universe, to get there or would it hold us back? And then we have a
pretty good idea whether it's good or evil. What's more important, we know "why" it's good, bad or evil.

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