Our Purpose:  To provide exceptional experiences that enrich the lives of everyone we meet through the delivery of superior products and services within an environmentally responsible culture.

Mission Statement:  To build a strategic alliance with business's and organizations to partner with under the Green Planet Brand to create a new paradigm for business development, thus creating a "Starting Point" for positive changes in commerce, in our communities and to the eco-systems that we connect with.

Core Values:  Thinking Globally Acting Locally with Social and Eco-Responsibility Right Action at all times.
Build trust through honesty, integrity and open communications
Treat everyone with dignity and respect
Create an environment that recognizes our employees as our greatest asset
Possess the discipline to maintain our uncompromising standards
Stay Committed to continual improvement.

To our team:  We are committed to creating a special workplace defined by our values and united by a common purpose: To provide exceptional experiences to everyone we meet. We will provide clear expectations, effective communications, continual training and support while surrounding you with people who share your passions. Listening, mentoring and coaching will define our leadership style, resulting in an environment where pride is evident, personal growth is encouraged and our people feel valued, recognized and rewarded for what they do.

To our customers:  We will provide a warm, comfortable, clean environment that encourages you to linger. We select only the finest Organic and Fair trade coffee and teas from around the world. Our service will be prompt, friendly and personalized, delivered in a genuine, enthusiastic and caring way. The entire experience makes each person feel they are, at that moment, the most important person in the world, inviting them to come back again and again.

To our communities:  We will be actively involved, donating both time and resources, contributing to the well being of our communities and to our environment, providing a local gathering place for friends and families that becomes an integral part of their daily lives.